Sunday, August 7, 2011

part 3

 Here are some more frames that were from part 1 of my projects for AUg. Sorry if its complicated to keep up with me! I went on a 3 day bing of painting while my hubby is away fighting fires! I get bored and start projects and cant stop for days at a time! these frames were so fun to redo, I am selling these in the craft show this fall, they are all shapes and sizes, I removed the glass because I hate glass, it looks so much better without the glare of the glass.
This is a yardsale frame, I love the detail, it was an ugly brown I redid it in the little bottles of acrylic paint. Close to the pistacio spray paint I used but I didnt want to chance ruining this with spraypaint. Then I glazed it with 2 coats so it would bring out the detail in the frame. Now I just need to find a cute picture to put in it!

 here is a full view of the frame.
This is a chair I talked a guy into selling it for $5. He was asking $25 for it! It was a brown color, once again I forgot to take a before pic, but it is a very old chair! The padding was all torn and dusty, I bought this cute material at a store I found here in cedar, it matches my kitchen with all the red and black! I love the mismatched chairs for the table!
This is my table I posted the before in the first blog for august. It was brown, and I painted it black then glazed it with a dark brown glaze. I love this table dont think Im gonna be able to let this one go either!

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