Monday, August 15, 2011

**LiTTle rEd hUtch**

My sister gave me this red hutch of hers! I was so excited to get it! I usually would have kept it red, since my favorite house color was red for the longest time! I decided to do it a neutral color so I could use it anywhere in my house! (and I was trying to get some different colors in my house) I sanded the red paint off.. (talk about a pain in the butt)! Then hand painted it with a roller and sponge brush. It took about three coats to cover it fully. The red kept seeping through even though I had sanded it. It was a pain but I sure do like how it turned out!

It had chicken wire on the doors, but I didnt want people to be able to see what was inside. I had looked for some baskets for quite a while to go in it, but never found any so this is what I came up with!

One day I will have a new house and this will be in my foyer! Until than, this is where it will have to stay!
Now I can hide all my goodies inside without anybody being able to see all my junk!

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  1. Seriously one day when i have money and a house can i pay you to redo furniture for me???