Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old sewing machine casing!

Ok so i LOVE this table! I purchased it at the friday store! There is an earlier post that shows the before pic! I cant seem to find it on my computer! ha! I painted it with Krylon Almond. And then distressed, and glazed with black! The detail just popped and its gorgeous! This is one of the things for sale hopefully at the craft show here in delta in November!

**GlaZed & "PURTY"!**

I finally had a little catch up day today! So I got  this frame all glazed and "purty"! This was an old gold frame I got from our local Friday store. I painted it turquoise and glazed it with black glaze! I like how it turned out. Although, I am still going to add something on the back. Either material or a chalk board. What do you all think?

**ReMeMber hEr?**

Everyone remember this little beauty? Well I finally got to work on her today! To refresh your memory, I got this gorgeous table from my mom. My brother and his wife borrowed our trailer to haul a load of my moms stuff to her in Oregon. Well, after they brought the trailer back my husband went out to load up some hunting stuff in it and there was this little table! I was so excited when I seen this! I was hoping it didnt belong to them. So I called up my mom and sure enough it was an old one that she no longer wanted! So I begged for it! Which my grandma wanted but never seen it and changed her mind! SCORE for me!!

 ....And here is the new HER!

 So much detail!
On the top on the table there was some old leather. It was started to peel up so I just pulled it off and replaced it with this paintable wallpaper! Im glad I did cause I LOVE the look of it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

**ChanGing taBle**

(I always forget to take a before pic.. This was all brown like that top piece.)

My awesome sister in law found this changing table for me from a guy that is starting to sale thrift things over in Nephi. It is not real wood, so I had to play around with it a little bit! I ended up just priming it and painting it with a roller and a can of paint. I originally wanted to paint it green with black handles but I changed my mind. In case I have more kids, I wouldnt want to have to repaint the whole thing. (That is if its a girl next time!)

There is another green handle that goes on the bottom drawer, but when you have a 19 month old that has to be in the middle of everything you do! Sometimes they disappear with things you need at that moment!

Since I couldnt sand the edges I used a distressing stamp pad. Cant wait til my little guy gets here now so I can use this lovely new addition!

Friday, July 15, 2011

**SiDe taBLes**

Tera picked this old sewing machine up at the local Friday Store today. She has been wanting it for almost 2 months now, but the price was way too high!! Considering it has been sitting, and sitting, and sitting we talked the owner down to a FAIR price!! There was an old sewing machine in it still, but it was missing a few pieces and no way it would ever work. So she unbolted it out and is making it into a table. Here are a few before pics! We are working on them today so they are not totally finished I just wanted to give a Sneak Peak!

Look at that detail! Its gonna look good once its all glazed up!

I (Cami) found this little side table at the D.I. up in Orem a few weeks back! I forgot to get a picture of the before-before I started to sand it. So the wood is lighter from the spots I already sanded. It cleaned up a lot easier than I thought it would!


                              Im excited to glaze this pretty table!

Primed, and ready to paint!!

Check back in a couple days for our FINSHED products!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Princess sign!

So I had an idea to make this drawer face into a sign for my daughter! And i love it:)

I took of the hardware and covered the wholes with putty.

Then painted it fushia, distressed it, and glazed it!

Added a bow to the side and put the vinyl lettering on!
LOVE the finished result:)