Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MuCh nEEded upDate!!

This post is much needed! We have all been so busy with a new baby, jobs, and keeping up with our kids! Here are 3 of the newest things I have reDONE! ENJOY!

My sister in laws mother had this little side table at her house and wasnt using it! I seen it and HAD to have it! It has so much potential! Here is what it looked like before I starting tearing it up!

 Dont you LOVE all that detail?? Cuz I sure do! I started off by cleaning it with soap and water. Got it all primed and sanded.

Then on went the paint!

All glazed up!

I am using it for my daughters tv for her bedroom! I LOVE how it turned out! I just realized that I do not have the handle on it. Its the original handle, just black!

Next up...!

I seen an idea on pinterest to make these little holders for your dish soaps and scrubbies. I made this for a cookie or cupcake holder! Or even for a CAKE!

I got this cute plate from my sister, which she got from the St George D.I. (im not sure if its a plate or not, it reminds me of a oven topper)!

This next piece was part of an old lamp, I also have some old candle holders that I am going to use for a few different ones, but I like this big chunky one the best!

It started out this UGLY gold color!

(left-old lamp right-candle stick)

I primed it up, and painted it a light green, added black glaze and WAAH-LAAH!

Perfect holder for cupcakes and my cookies!


I had to google this picture because I dont have a before picture of my table. This is exactly what mine looks/(or should I say LOOKED like) except mine had a big spill of black paint in the middle.. haha thats another story.. Anywho, I sanded it all down to remove the clear sealant that was on the table. I primed and painted! I did it this pretty tan color, I wanted something warm that would match pretty much anything!

After I let this dry I added my black glaze! Can you tell that I am pretty much OBSESSED with black glazing?! Its my favorite!

and... another.....
Im thinking about putting a black damask pattern on the top, I just havent got that far yet. Although I do like this! So its staying this way for now! My chairs are solid black!