Friday, June 17, 2011

**!OLD WindOw!**

My friend Shelby is gettin married next month and this weekend is her bridal shower! She is doing a vintage theme so I wanted to do something OLDISH for her! My sister Tera purcahsed these cute old windows from a girl here in town and so we put our heads together! It still has the glass in it so I was really excited! I wanted to put something special on the window so she could use it all year round! After a TERRIBLE experience with trying to get some vinyl cut at a local store, I ended up using a cricuit to cut out these letters!.. The vinyl that I had purcahsed first was such a cute blue color and would have matched this window soo cute! but, when I went to pick up the vinyl it was not the lettering I had chose, and was sooo NOT cute.. I was upset at first cuz her shower was in 2 days and I wanted this to be perfect for her! All in all, I think it turned out pretty cute! I just hope she likes it!!! 

This window is sooo OLD! The blue on it is the original paint..

I added a little decoration to it! Just to make it look more like a gift! The blue lace on top is to hang it off of. If she doesnt like the lace she can always pull it off!! I now need to find me an old window so I can put one  up in my house!!

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