Friday, June 3, 2011

**mY 3.00 treasure!**

I bought this old ugly mirror/frame (not sure which one it was).. Thanks to jodi for spotting it for me before anyone else could snag it! It was this ugly gold (I HATE gold!) color. I primed it then hand painted it with the same color as my dresser! I am trying to decide what i want to do with it.. I already have a few mirrors up, but I was thinking about doing a magnetic board.. or something like vinyl lettering on my wall on the inside of it! I cant decide but here is what it looks like! I still cant decide if i want to glaze it with black either! Decisions, decisions!
(notice my wall papered table! Still am in the process with that!!)
I love the detail on it! So that is what makes me want to glaze it! Guess I will sleep on it for a bit and decide! Unless anyone else has an idea!

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