Monday, June 6, 2011

**MiRRoR MaKeoVer**!

I have heard a little bit about people using book pages to make wreaths out of.. I bought a wreath (see last post) at our Friday Store last week and was going to try it. I decided I liked the look of that old stickly wreath so I ended up using it for a different project...  I got this mirror from my brother for Christmas a few years back and I loved it when I had a lot of dark colors in my house, but now that I have added a little bit of color to my house I dont like it being so dark. So the transformation began.. I also bought a very old book that was a little beat up.. (that way I didnt feel so bad ripping out the pages).. I wasnt quite sure how to fold the pages or if I was suppose to wrap.. I just plain didnt know.. I tried wrapping it around my finger but the tip of my nail went right through the end.. a pen was too little.. folding it into 4's just didnt look right.. I then found a marker that was prob 1/2 an inch thick and tried that.. That worked the best.. a few pages even ripped through so I had to be careful.. but the look of it turned out just how I wanted!! The only sucky thing is that I ran out of pages when I got to the end.. So in these pics you can see the bottom isnt as full as the rest.. I had to spread them out a bit more. So, until I find a book that matches my pages I am leaving it like this!!

the dark mirror! (dont mind my messy child)

Rip out your pages! The older the book the better the color!

Wrap the paper in the center and crunch.. It helps to twist it a bit. Just not too hard or it will rip right through your page!

On the first row I put the pages way close.. The second row I did them about an inch apart.

Once your glue is dry you can pull on them and kinda FLUFF them the way you want them to lay!

The finished product! (besides the very bottom where I ran out of pages!) I L-O-V-E it!!


  1. Cami i love this! I think i might copy you i hope thats okay!

  2. Thanks Chaley!! You should! Thats why it is on here! If you have any questions just call! It was actually pretty easy once I got the hang of it! If you do be sure to send me a pic!!