Friday, June 3, 2011

**2 MinUte wrEAth!!**

Let me start off by telling you, "I am just like a kid in a candy store!" ... when it comes to our Friday Thrift Store here in town! Yet, anywhere cheap, thrifty.. you get the picture! I have always had something hanging on my front door.. I feel like its more welcoming when people keep they're doors decororated. Maybe im just weird but I always have felt like that! I have had stars on them for about the last 2 years.! I did have a Christmas wreath at one point but my husband hated it because it was so bolky ang big! When I was in Cedar City at my sisters house we decided that doing an initial of our last name would be cute! So we went to Joanns Craft Store and bought our cardboard letters for cheap! I think it was normally $4.00 or so.. (but if you use a coupon you can usually get off to 40% or 50% off! (SCORE)) I bought my material when I made my chair so I had some left over that I wanted to use to kinda blend the colors in my house! I cut slits into my material then ripped away! I love the way ripped material looks! I wrapped up my "F".. Not gonna lie it was kinda a pain. I didnt realize the diff. lenghts so I had to play around to get it to look right! So back to my Mintue Wreath! I scored with this $1.00 wreath today at our local Friday Store..  I wanted to try making a Book Wreath out of pages from a book, but this wreath was too cute to be covered up! I have been trying to decide where to put my "F" too because it dont stand up by itself! So when I got home it hit me!! I put 2 and 2 together and WAH-LAH!! I can say I LOVE it!

This is the cardboard "f" that I started with..

I started on the shortest sides to begin.. I think thats why it was such a pain because I had to tuck the other material to make the long side fit.. I had to tuck it.. Talk about a pain.

The wreath was kinda loose so I put some wire in 4 different spots.. Just to make sure it holds tightly together. You cant notice the wire in real life.. but in this picture its way noticable!

..and here she is..! I usually freak out if I think things look to plain, but I kinda like this plain cause I love the look of the branches of the wreath! Now we'll see what the hubby thinks when he gets home! Wonder if he will even notice!

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