Wednesday, July 27, 2011

**ReMeMber hEr?**

Everyone remember this little beauty? Well I finally got to work on her today! To refresh your memory, I got this gorgeous table from my mom. My brother and his wife borrowed our trailer to haul a load of my moms stuff to her in Oregon. Well, after they brought the trailer back my husband went out to load up some hunting stuff in it and there was this little table! I was so excited when I seen this! I was hoping it didnt belong to them. So I called up my mom and sure enough it was an old one that she no longer wanted! So I begged for it! Which my grandma wanted but never seen it and changed her mind! SCORE for me!!

 ....And here is the new HER!

 So much detail!
On the top on the table there was some old leather. It was started to peel up so I just pulled it off and replaced it with this paintable wallpaper! Im glad I did cause I LOVE the look of it!

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