Sunday, July 17, 2011

**ChanGing taBle**

(I always forget to take a before pic.. This was all brown like that top piece.)

My awesome sister in law found this changing table for me from a guy that is starting to sale thrift things over in Nephi. It is not real wood, so I had to play around with it a little bit! I ended up just priming it and painting it with a roller and a can of paint. I originally wanted to paint it green with black handles but I changed my mind. In case I have more kids, I wouldnt want to have to repaint the whole thing. (That is if its a girl next time!)

There is another green handle that goes on the bottom drawer, but when you have a 19 month old that has to be in the middle of everything you do! Sometimes they disappear with things you need at that moment!

Since I couldnt sand the edges I used a distressing stamp pad. Cant wait til my little guy gets here now so I can use this lovely new addition!

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